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Sam Nichol Designs is an interior & Furniture design agency that creates interior designs to suit your style, not ours. We work remotely or face-to-face to give you a great design for your bedroom, office, kitchen or entire house.

We don't charge commission. We charge a standard fee that means you won't be up-sold or pushed to buy expensive products. A simple honest way of working.

We believe in great designs, long lasting and tailored to you. Not tailored to trends or fast fashion.

Our Work

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Services we offer

We offer a range of design services
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Sketch Drawings
Dimensioned Room Plans
3D Models
3D Renders
Shopping Lists
Mood Board & Inspiration


A Brown BaquetteA Brown Baquette

Excellent service and support. Sam provides CAD and 3D modelling services for my company. Sam always delivers a top class service with excellent response times. Thank you Sam!

- Paul O'Melia - Upholster London

"I had such a productive (and fun!) session with Sam. He was so great with understanding my style and giving me suggestions that worked for both me and my husband (and even helped settle a dispute between us!). I love that everything was done over video chat. I got to speak with a true expert and received tangible advice without paying a fortune - so worth the time, money & stress saved!"

-Jojo Balogun

Sam was incredible at understanding our style and preferences, helped guide us through how to make decisions, and advised us on what to choose when we were stuck. we have so much more clarity and confidence now.



Most designers work on commission, which means they want you to spend more and more money. Sam Nichol Designs charges by the room or by the hour so no-one gets ripped off with sky-hiking prices.

This isn't about being expensive, it's about great design!

Per Hour
Per Room

The full design process for a room, consultation, Mood Boards, Hand-drawings of the room layout, 3D Models, CG Renders ending with dimensioned room plans and a shopping list of what to buy and where from.

Sam will be with you every step of the way. Working with you until you are happy with the end design.

We'll be in touch all the way via FaceTime or Zoom every step of the way with all other design elements being sent by email.

*Prices for room are a guide and depend on size of space etc

If you want to use the design services but don't need an entire design process or room, you can pick and choose what you want and have an hourly charged rate.

Great if you only want a mood-board or a Sketch-layout of your space made without the need for a 3D model and render etc.

If you decide to upgrade to a full room after paying for some hourly work, the cost of the hourly work will be 100% deducted from the per room price.



Other Services

Free Online Consultation

It starts with a video chat

Let us know what you want and we'll be in touch as soon as possible to arrange a video call with you.

When telling us about your project there's no such thing as too much information, so add as much detail as possible, include what room(s) you want designed, what services you think you may need, what you like, don't like, budget, building work dates, design deadlines etc... If you don't really know much of what you want, that's also great! We can help you figure that out using mood boards etc.

We'll then read over what you've sent over to prep for your free meeting, where we can spend 30+ minutes discussing what you need, how we can help, stages of the design process, how long everything will take, how we deliver and communicate the designs to you. We'll also discuss your tastes, budget, timeframe and anything else we can think of.

We look forward to hearing from you!

About Sam

Sam Nichol is an interior and furniture designer with over 10 years experience in the industry.

He has worked on inexpensive and high-end interior design projects, for firms and freelance.

He has worked for small companies producing upholstered furniture in the UK, worked for business producing large batch quantities in China and companies producing bespoke joinery for the London market.

Sam loves making people feel that their space belongs to them, with long-lasting designs that mean something personal, work incredibly well and look great.

Sam hates trends, fashion and the colour of the year. Have something that lasts not something that is trendy and pollutes the planet and landfill.


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We also make and sell home accessories, all hand-made in Paris, built to last form 100% Recyclable materials. Add some fun and colour to your home.

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